Systems with glass
Systems with glass - Effective solutions for enhanced comfort

When you want to have a comfortable and warm space in winter, protected from wind, snow or rain, the compromise is not a component of the equation.

It is advisable to use a weatherproof protection system, but also to allow visibility and penetration of light into the house.

Glass systems are an ideal and modern solution for closing terraces, balconies or pergolas in winter.

Thanks to the sliding system, in the warm season, you can enjoy fresh air and natural light, along with the safety and protection against the burglaries that are so necessary.

The marketed glass closure systems are made of high quality materials and are subject of manufacturing processes with advanced technology in the field, in line with European standards. These aspects guarantee safety in time and resistance against all adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the mechanical grip of the glass, the systems guarantee safe operation and flexibility in handling them.

Effective solutions for enhanced comfort

Glass closure solutions for external spaces are specially designed to facilitate the assembly process. Thus, the glass systems have a superior heel with a compensation profile that allows the adjustment and fixing of the panels in the case of height differences. In addition, for more resistance, the glass profiles are accompanied by double top rollers, gaskets, brushes and sealing caps.

Durability in time and flexibility in operation

Glass systems are available in many sizes, with the option of painting frames in the colors available in the RAL catalog. If you opt for a glass system, we offer you consultancy so you can choose the best solution for your needs. In addition, for glass closure systems you have a long-term warranty, as well as maintenance from our specialist team.