Portfolio 1 - Hotel Europa – Ana Hotels – Eforie Nord

The challenge was to create a 5-star oasis of relaxation - a unique investment in Romania - where guests of the Europa Hotel from Eforie Nord will be spoiled and, surrounded by nature, benefit from the effects of sludge and salt water therapy from the lake Techirghiol.

The conceptual approach envisaged a clear geometry, discreetly introduced into the natural environment of the hotel's garden. As a replica of the lake mirror, a surface of water of square shape was chosen, the 12x12m pool becoming the center of the composition. It is flanked on three sides by multifunctional spaces, marked by primary structures - oversized columns and layered wood, seemingly devoid of weight.

The relationship between the spaces covered with retractable cloth systems allows to follow the steps to be followed by clients in this type of therapy in which the interaction with the sun, salt water and sludge must take place in an exact order.

The natural stone, wood and cloth appearance alternates visually with the existing vegetation and the special one chosen to be compatible with the saline environment, creating a calm atmosphere dominated by light and shadow accents that are constantly changing throughout the day.

Spa Eforie Nord

The designer is Inegal Design:
  • arh. Radu Grosu
  • arh. Mihaela Mircea
  • arh. Calin Lupulescu
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