Zen Rain
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Zen Rain


Zen Rain type pergolas enter in a select category of outdoor systems because they can offer more benefits than other classical systems.

With such a system, you can create the interior space from the outside, an extension of the house, a place where you can spend your free time for a long period of the year, starting from early spring until late autumn. Thanks to the robust aluminum structure and roofing materials, these pergolas provide complete protection against sunlight and rain.

This type of pergola is made for the bold ones, for those who want to impress, the lovers of nature, clean air, quiet atmosphere of the evening, comfort and safety, and at the same time they want a modern design with advanced technology through the system of smart homes.

On Floor
Between Faced Walls
On Wall and Mounted
Technical attributes:
Max length: 13m
Max projection: 22m
Standard height: 3-3.5 m
  • RAL painting, other materials, LED ambient lighting kit, dimmer, atypical shapes and sizes
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