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VERTIKO is a system that is recommended in the case of awnings to be installed on the facades of buildings with east or west cardinal positioning, because in this situation the sun will penetrate under the awning. It is also an accessory that is also used to create an intimate space simply because it protects people's eyes from outside, but can also be used as the projection surface of movies, photos, sports events, and more. You can use the same acrylic material as the awning or a type of screen (perforated) material.

Because the modern lifestyle brings with it the concept of spending as much time outdoors as we can and because we want to take advantage of our outdoor space as much as possible, a Vertiko enclosure and an ambient lighting kit help us to create the comfortable, intimate and modern space that we want. All this can be controlled from your mobile device and we can design different scenarios according to your personal preferences.

Technical attributes:
Max length: 5m
Max opening: 3m
Max height: 1.4m (motorized) or 1,8m (manual)
Activation: manual or electric
  • RAL painting
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