Veranda EOS
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Veranda EOS


VERANDA EOS is a retractable conferred system designed primarily to shade glass ceilings. If you want efficiency in sun protection and avoiding indoor space heating, then it is necessary to use these exterior systems, which prevent the sun rays from reaching directly on the surface of the glass or the area in question.

The vault box is drawn with curved lines, has a modern look and operates aided by the guidance system and automation. It is a system that allows several constructive variants, and the acrylic cloth used offers the highest degree of sun protection.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, made to last in time.

On Wall
Between Sidewalls
Between 3 Walls
On Floor
Between Faced Walls
Technical attributes:
Max length: 5m
Max opening: 5m
Activation: electric only
  • RAL painting, its own fastening structure
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