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Screen Zip


Universal zip outer blinds are designed to shade windows, showcases, glass building facades, or for pergola lateral closure.

What do we need to know about the universal zip system?

It is a vertical system developed for outdoor use with a role in ensuring the thermal and visual comfort of the interior space, intimacy and functions as a dust barrier, a barrier against insects, wind and rain. The size and shape of the profiles, plus the range of materials available make this product available for being used on the front of residential buildings, office buildings or commercial buildings.

The side zip system provides a perimeter fastening of the material, wind resistance, and a complete and uniform shadow over the entire glass surface. The roller can be left at any intermediate position and can be permanently controlled.

The system consists of a top box, lower profile and extruded aluminum side guides. The sunworker fabric (cloth) is made with an innovative technology that combines the fabric of high-strength polyester yarns with other bonding fibers that allow an independent movement, so it absorbs and distributes differently the mechanical energy on the material. The finish of both faces is an UV protective lacquer that has the role of preserving the original color for a long time and allowing easy surface cleaning.

It allows remote control and integration into intelligent home systems.

Between Sidewalls
Between Walls and Ceiling
Between 3 Walls
Technical attributes:
Max length: 4m
Max height: 3.5m
Box dimensions: 10x10cm
Guide dimensions: 5x5cm
  • RAL painting, automation, other materials and large sizes (zip130)
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