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Nuda is our secure glass system recommended for closing terraces, balconies or pergolas. Why not enjoy the colors of the autumn, the sound of rain, the heat of the rays when the sun shines pale, the winter landscape in a comfortable and warm place, being protected by the snow and cold wind of the cold season?

Thanks to the flexibility and easy folding, the system gives you the opportunity to open the glass walls completely in the hot spring days, in the mornings or in the summer nights when you want to be closer to nature and enjoy the garden’s fresh air.

The system distinguishes itself from other solutions through technical features that guarantee safe operation and a lifetime far above average. The mechanical glass clamping, the double top rollers, the gaskets, the brushes and the sealing caps between glasses and the upper frame provided with a compensation profile allows fine adjustment of the panels in the case of height differences, moreover the lower profile can be mounted in the overlapping or buried version. Taking all this into consideration, it makes this system the perfect choice for your home.

In Floor and Ceiling
Technical attributes:
Max length: 4.9m
Max height: 2.58m
Max panels: 7
Min width panel: 50cm
Max width panel: 70cm
  • RAL painting, atypical forms, double opening
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