Desert I3
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Desert I3


DESERT is a cassette awning, designed to shade windows and showcases, easy to install, durable and which allows permanent control over the material's angle of inclination.

The awning is provided as the standard version with two lateral arched side arms which have the ability to tilt up to 170 degrees, which allows you to use the awning on any facade of the building at any time of the day. The acrylic cloth used offers the highest degree of sun protection and it has a variety of durable colors. The material is manufactured in a particular way in order to preserve the symmetry of colors and stitches.

It allows remote control and integration into intelligent home systems.

On Wall
Between Sidewalls
On Ceiling
Technical attributes:
Max length: 4.5m
Max arm length: 1.5m
Activation: manual or electric
  • RAL painting
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