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ARKO is a fully cassette retractable awning that has a robust structure and rounded shapes. This awning is recommended for shading terraces or small and medium sized balconies. The box completely protects the awning's canvas and its arms from rain and dirt, thus ensuring a much longer life for the awning.

It is a model that can be mounted and installed very easily on any type of facade, even on the finished ones. The awning can be operated manually, by hand, or electrically using a remote-control motor. The awning box is made of extruded aluminum profiles, which allows the box to be delivered in different RAL shades. The awning is equipped with ARKO arms and high pushing force, and can reach up to 4m openings.

The acrylic cloth used offers the highest degree of sun protection and has a wide range of durable colors. The material is manufactured in a particular way in order to preserve the symmetry of colors and stitches.

Optional the awning can be provided with the LED strip at the bottom of the box for ambient lighting, so you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere during the evening. It allows remote control and integration into intelligent home systems.

On Wall
On Ceiling
Technical attributes:
Max length: 6m
Max opening: 3m
Activation: manual or electric
  • RAL dyeing, LED strip for ambient lighting, mounted at the bottom of the cassette
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