Pergole pentru petrecerea timpului in aer liber

The capricious weather, the wind, the rain or the snow can make you spend less time outdoors on the terrace. By choosing the right pergola, the compromise comes out of the equation, so you have every reason to relax freely on the terrace, even when the weather is not tolerant.

The main advantage of the pergola is that it provides a 100% waterproof space. The roof of the pergola thus acts as a barrier to rain and snow, so you can enjoy the time spent on the terrace, along with your loved ones, regardless of outside weather.

Pergola finds its functionality in any season. For example, during the summer pergola becomes an ideal factor for sun protection. If you manage a business, you can be sure the sun will not drive out your clients from the terrace. And if you invite your friends to an outdoor party in the yard of your home, you do not have to fall within a certain timeframe, nor be afraid the weather may surprise you in somehow unpleasantly.

Pergolas for outdoor events

Rain at the wedding brings wealth, but condition the choice of an indoor space.

No matter how beautiful outdoor events are, the possibility that the rain might mess up your plans does not let you really enjoy a party. A popular saying says that if it rains at the wedding, you will enjoy immersed life. But for the guests, such a shift of weather would certanly not be comfortable.

With the pergolas from our portfolio, outdoor fans are sure the party will go as they please and will be more tempted to choose an outdoor space. Also, if you are active in organizing events and have a generous outdoor space, you can consider expanding your business. Our pergolas can provide protection for large surfaces, so they will not limit as long as you have a generous space.

If you need more information, our team can help with personalized solutions for your home or business.