Coils for terraces and balconies
Coils for terraces and balconies - comfort and functionality

Terraces and balconies can now be a place to enjoy throughout the year, even in the cold season. With coils for terraces and balconies, you can have a warm, comfortable and safe place at any time of the day.

Due to the retractable vertical system, the space can be functional both in summer and winter. Coils are recommended for closing external spaces, such as terraces, small balconies, and summer turrets.

The lock system is composed of a top-hatched tread mechanism, side guides, lower profile and transparent material. The transparent coil material is of superior quality, specially made to withstand weather and weather, and also to protect the room from UV rays.

Coils are available in both manual and digitized mode, via a remote control. Choose that system according to your needs and enjoy benefits!

Why choose rolls for terraces and balconies?

Coils for terraces and balconies are made of a transparent material that allows light to penetrate inside the room. In addition, they offer optimal protection against wind and rain, both during summer and winter. An important role for the coils for terraces and balconies is the constant temperature maintenance in the room, thus there is no loss of electricity. In addition to its functional role, the exterior enclosure is modern and aesthetically pleasing and can be incorporated even into smart-home installations.

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