Outdoor coils
Additional protection for your home with outdoor coils

Outdoor coils are ideal solutions for outdoor spaces that require temporary closure (terraces, balconies, towers, etc.). They insulate heat and protect the area from UV rays, wind, rain, snow or even dust. In addition, it offers more privacy, comfort, while also providing soundproofing.

Closures of terraces or balconies are a solution that more and more people choose when they want a warm winter and cool space in the summer. An efficient and economical method is to close the spaces with outdoor coils. We have a wide range of models in our portfolio.

Additional protection for your home

The main advantage of these outdoor coils is the safety that your home offers. The operating system allows you to close or open them only from the inside, with the outer surface being compact. In addition, thanks to the full sealing function, the rolls offer protection against energy losses - in the summer it offers a cool space, and in winter a warm place. The coils we sell are made of high quality materials that resist time and weather.

Simple and fast mounting system

Outdoor coils can be easily mounted inside outdoor terraces and balconies, whether you are talking about apartments or houses. Mounting is done at the upper level of the building with a stable grip and fastening system that allows for durability in time and safety in handling.

The operating system is extremely easy, giving you the ability to fully or partially lift the outdoor coils in one movement. In this way, it allows you to adjust the brightness of the room quickly and simply, enjoying a bright day or a shady place.

Mounting outdoor coils is an excellent choice for house protection. The models available on our site are suitable for your needs, and our team of specialists offers you consultancy, installation and maintenance.

Contact us for an offer. We offer integrated and personalized solutions for your needs.