Terraces awnings
Copertine pentru terase - o solutie versatila, pregatita sa satisfaca necesitati multiple

Relaxing on the terrace has never been easier! Protected from sun or rain, a space-matched cover will be able to handle any challenge and will allow you to enjoy any activity without being conditioned weather conditions.

Whether it's a commercial space, the terrace of your own house or office space, or even the balcony of an apartment, an awning for the terrace will adjust to the dimensions without compromising on the design.

The advantages of installing awnings for the terrace

From a functional point of view, a terrace awning will undoubtedly add to the use of space in any weather conditions. Even if it rains, even if the sun is very strong, this shading solution brings added comfort.

Aesthetically, the canvases are able to visually complement any space, regardless of the architectural style or the way it is used. In addition, the awnings is easy to install, can be operated automatically by means of a remote control and has a long life with the correct maintenance.

Terraces awnings for commercial spaces

When choosing a terrace to spend free time, customers are careful so that it can provide a series of facilities. Thus, terraces awnings prove to be a necessity, not a fad of customers. If you choose to mount such an awning, you can be assured that even at the time of maximum solar intensity, customers will pass the threshold of your terrace also because there is no risk of sunburn or sunstroke.

Customer comfort, the prosperity of your business

In addition to the main benefit, terraces awnings have one that should not be neglected: increasing privacy. Considering that there are a number of terraces located on the ground floor of some residential or office buildings, customers will appreciate the fact that your place is kept away from the sun's rays and the unwanted sight of others..

The retractable function of terraces pergolas allows the use of this shading system only when needed. If outside weather allows, space can be released quickly by pressing a button, letting you enjoy the outside air.