About us

GAVIOTA, Exclusive products designed for the concept of life in nature

GAVIOTA is a global leader in the manufacture of accessories and systems for canopies, pergolas and roller shutters. Our solar protection systems are based on innovative, safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, developed by a team of over 300 people united by effort, research and customer involvement in partnerships, along with the latest technological advances.

We rely on a commitment to sustainability and continuity with the environment because we know that sun protection means Energy Saving, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol and a high level of quality of life. This compromise is reinforced by the rest of the basic attitudes our organization assumes: the sense of anticipation, to see the trend and opportunities of the future; talent and creativity, promoted and preserved in the team; respecting the promptness, customer needs, and continuing alliances with other companies to develop and enrich local and global markets.

GAVIOTA's philosophy differentiates us, as our figures do: a production workshop with more than 1,000 molds and engines currently running on equipment, 10 million linear meters of tube and 70 million metal parts per year in sections tube manufacturing and punching, 20 injection machines producing over 200,000 pieces per day, 7 aluminum injection and casting robotic production units producing more than 400,000 pieces per month and one of the largest lines of painting in Europe, which paint more than 30,000 pieces per day, as well as the possibility to paint profiles larger than 7 meters long.

GAVIOTA, the future of our customers is our goal.